Monday Motivation: Be Patient

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Being patient is something I often find hard to do. Ever since I was a little kid, once I got an idea in my head, I had to get it done. This drive to get things done right away serves me well to this day, and other times I have to tell myself to be patient and wait. This waiting can be agonizing and I often utilize some of the tools that I teach, like focusing on what is in my control to help me stay patient and focused.

How about you?

Do you ever feel impatient? Is there something you wish was already happening in your life that is not yet happening? Perhaps you are waiting to land that great job; to be running your ideal business; or for that right person to come along to build a relationship with? It is hard to be patient, and yet sometimes, that is what is required of us while we wait to attain that which we do not yet have.

What are some things you can do while you are patiently waiting to get what it is that you want?

Being patient does not mean you have to sit around and do nothing (and think about what you want and what you do not yet have, which is counterproductive.)


Instead focus on what is in your control.

Here are some things you can do.


Be clear. Focus on what you really want and desire. Make sure that you are clear about what you want either in the job that you seek, the business you want to build, or the relationship/partner you are looking for. Be sure that this message is crystal clear to you and to whomever it is you are expressing it to.  The clearer you are with your vision and your message to yourself and those around you, the more likely you will be to attract what you want to you.


Be Consistent. Whatever it is you are doing to get your message out there about what you want, be consistent with it. You may not know exactly when it is that you will get what you want, but what you can control is how committed and consistent you are on your efforts to make it happen. It is this consistency and commitment that is required of us to be successful in anything that we do – be it personally or professionally.


[Click here to read more about my 3 C’s to building successful relationships and your business/career.]


Believe. Stay focused on your vision and believe that what you want will come your way. Envision yourself working in your ideal job; running your ideal business; or being in a relationship with your ideal partner.


Being clear with your vision, consistent with your efforts and your message, and believing that you will get that which you desire, are just some of the productive things you can do while you patiently wait for all of your efforts to reap their incredible results. I know, because I have done and continue to do these things myself.  Getting the support you require while you wait patiently helps too.  [Click here to read more about how to go about getting the support that you require.]


If you have any questions or comments or want help with any of the above suggestions, be in touch. 

In support and admiration, and in awe of all that you are,


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