Having Relationship Problems? Ask Yourself this One Question Before Trying to Fix It.

I choose you.

If you are experiencing trouble in your relationship, you might be wondering what to do next. You might want to explore what your options are: how and if to work on making your relationship better, or calling it quits in your relationship altogether.


Before you explore your options I suggest you ask yourself this one question:

Do I choose to be with this person?


I believe that everyone in relationships must ask themselves this first fundamental question. It is a question that will make you think about what it is that you want. It is the question that will get you to take personal responsibility for whatever it is you choose to do in your relationship. It is the question that will get you out of the blaming and passive cycle you might be in in your relationship. It is also the question to answer if you want whatever efforts you put into your relationship to make it work moving forward, to really pay off.


Choosing your relationship means that you have both feet it; that you are ready to play full out. If you have one foot dangling out, whatever efforts you attempt to make, to make your relationship work, will not work.


In order to get your relationship back on track, ask yourself: ‘Do I choose to be in a relationship with this person?’ If the answer is yes, that will give you the motivation you require to make it work. You will be more ready to take personal responsibility and do your part in creating the ideal relationship you wish to see.


If your answer to the question is no, you will be more clear about why you are potentially having problems in your relationship in the first place. Are each of you fully committed to each other and to the relationship? Are each of you ready and willing to take personal responsibility to make your relationship work? If you are not, then no matter how many books you read or advice you get on how to make a relationship work, your relationship will not work if each of you are not fully committed to it.


Making your relationship work comes down to a matter of choice.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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