Are you being true to yourself?


I received amazing feedback from my client the other day when I checked in with him to see how his new morning routine was going.


In our work together he has been working on shedding his victim-mindset and coming more and more into alignment with living and working in a way that is authentic to his nature and his values.


He shared the following with me (and gave me permission to share it with you too.) He said:


“Accepting how I best work, and adjusting to it, is making me more effective, less frustrated and simply happier.”


How often do you find yourself ignoring your own needs, or putting other people’s needs first?


How often do you find yourself behaving in a way that others expect you to (or that you think or believe others expect you to)?


How does doing this make you feel?


How does it impact your work, daily living and/or your personal relationships?


If you are ignoring your own needs, doing things only to please others, and working in a way that goes against your nature, you are more likely to find that you are less productive, that you feel unhappy, and that at times you even feel anxious and depressed (as many of my clients have expressed to me.)


To state it in the positive, you will be successful, effective, and fulfilled in your life, at work, and in your relationships when you are being authentic to who you are, and living and working in a way that is in alignment with your nature, your needs, and your values, just as my client above expressed.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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