Blessings for 2014: May We All Have the Courage to Come Out of Our Own Closets this Year!

closet doorThe other day someone asked me what my wish or dream was for 2014.  This is what I answered:

My wish and dream is that we all have confidence and clarity in who we are and in what we want.  May we have the courage to put our true selves and our unique message and strengths out there for everyone to see, without hesitation.  And may doing all of this bring us only success, fulfillment, and joy in all that we do.

I appreciate your support throughout the year and look forward to staying in touch and to growing and accomplishing our goals together in ways we never thought were possible.

Enjoy this video below of Ash Beckham (below) validating that we all have our own ‘closets’ that we hide in  – those things that we are afraid to share with others out of fear for how they might react and how it may be received.  She explains how harmful it can be for us to keep our real and true selves, desires, and needs, behind closed doors.  She also shares 3 important points for HOW to share our realness with others.

Onward with realness, success and fulfillment in all that we choose to do.

With gratitude, respect, and admiration for who you are and all that you are capable of,

~ Jenny


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