How to Get Back on Track When You Are a Young Professional Who Is Feeling on Edge

There are times when I find that I am feeling more on edge in my life. When I am feeling this way I lose my cool so much more easily. I don’t like losing my cool. I would much rather … Continued

Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: You Don’t HAVE TO Do Anything to Be Successful

The way in which I hear people expressing what they want to accomplish, generally sounds like this:   “I have to get this task done before midday!” “I have to tell my supervisor that I will be coming in late … Continued

Are You a Young Professional Who Is Feeling Off Track in Your Work? Here’s How to Get Re-Focused.

Are you are feeling distracted or off track in your job, studies, or your business?   I feel this way sometimes too.   Here is what I do and what you can do, too, to help you get re-focused, re-motivated, … Continued

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