What the Universe Teaches Us About Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward

starry nightLast week, I went to the planetarium with my two eldest children.  We had a great time learning together about our galaxy, various planets, the stars, and our universe, in general.  Our guide remarked more than once how incredibly vast space was and how much perspective on life and the world we could gain by just taking the time to go out into the dessert one evening, putting out a mattress and looking up at the night sky.  He mentioned that some of the greatest minds of our time all studied astronomy at one point or another in their lives and strongly encouraged that we and our children do the same.

I did once have the opportunity to sleep out in the dessert one night when I was a young adult.  I remember thinking how incredibly vast the sky is and how we are so small in relation to it.  This is, I am sure, the perspective our guide was referring to.  But perhaps there is more to his message.

One of the things I was re-sensitized to on this trip to the planetarium was the fact that we are moving all the time.  Planet Earth is the one moving, while the sun and the stars stay in their same place.   And as we move, we get another new picture or perspective of the sky and the cluster of stars we are looking at.    Our perspective and learning would be extremely limited, then, if we were not moving at all.

Perhaps we can apply this lesson to life as well.  I know that in my own experience, I feel the most stuck when I am sitting and thinking about all the things I want to or should be doing and not doing anything about them.   I feel down, lethargic, and limited in those moments.  But when I get up and do something, even if that something has nothing to do with the original thoughts or ideas I want to put into action, I feel energized and my creative juices start to flow again.    It is this simple act of movement, of shaking ourselves up out of our slumber, that can give us the new energy and perspective that we require to put our ideas and goals into action.

So when and if you do go out into the desert (or just outside one evening) to look up at the night sky, remember that WE are the one’s moving.  It is only because of that that we get to appreciate and view the many nuances and gifts our universe has to offer.

In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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