Love Tip Tuesday: Say Yes to Your Relationship


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When I read the above quote in Robert Fritz’s book “The Path to Least Resistance” I immediately fell in love with it. I find this quote to be both simple and extremely profound.


When we are experiencing a lot of stress in our relationships (and I am referring here to any type of relationship – intimate, friendship, professional, and parental) or are wondering where exactly our relationship stands, we must ask ourselves whether or not we (or our partners) are fully committed to the relationship.


‘Relationships need two people to say yes, and only one to say no.’ It is when both people have said yes and are committed to the relationship fully, that those two people can feel secure and move forward together to create an amazing relationship – enjoying the wonderful times, and supporting each other and working through the rougher times together. Saying ‘yes’ does not mean you have all the answers and know exactly how to act and respond in any given situation with your partner or loved one. Saying ‘yes’ means that you are committed to learning, growing, improving, and doing whatever it takes to make your relationship work and thrive.


Imagine that this circle represents your relationship.

Untitled design (2)

Where do you stand in this circle that is your relationship? Are both of your feet fully in? If so, this means you have chosen to say ‘yes’ to your relationship. If you only have one foot in, or if you are on the edge waiting to see what your partner decides to do, your relationship will remain rocky and tense. A healthy relationship works when both people have their feet firmly planted inside the circle.


If you are not sure where you are standing in your relationship, take the necessary time to figure it out. Doing so is respectful and fair to both you and your partner. Your choice should not be dependent on your partner, it should come from you and be based on what you want. If you find that your partner has not, or is not yet, ready to say yes, talk to them about it and find out where they stand (literally.) The information you receive from them will help you decide how you wish to proceed with the relationship, or if you wish to proceed at all (knowing full well that without a full “yes” on both of your ends will likely put more stress on your relationship.)


To learn more about how to Express Yourself in your relationship to continue to create the successful and fulfilling relationship you want to have, click here.


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