Monday Motivation: Beating the Burnout Blues



Are you feeling burned out in your work (or in your life, in general)?


If so, you might be wondering if you are in the right job for you. Or you might be feeling confused, because although you love your job, you are wondering why you are feeling less motivated and being less productive right now.


What you may be thinking, then, is that you need to take some time off; perhaps a vacation to clear your head. That time off may give you the space that you require to relax your mind and get you refocused (which is a great start), but there is more that you can do (without having to take any time off) to get yourself back on track and re-motivated.


According to Barbara Sher, author of “I Can Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was”, “the cure for sorrow [and burnout] is to learn something new.”  Learning something new, or doing something creative, will refresh your mind, wake you back up, and get you re-motivated.


In order for this “cure” to work well, however, you must pick an activity that you find interesting and creative. [This logic is in line with my belief for how each of us can create success and fulfillment in our life. career, and relationships. You can read more about that here.] So, instead of first going outside of yourself and looking to others to see what kinds of things they like to do, grab a cup of tea and go on a mini-date with yourself to find out (or re-connect with) all of the things you like to do. You might create (or already have) a bucket list of things you have always wanted to learn or experience. Once you have this list of things, get proactive and schedule these activities into your calendar to make it happen. In my experience, even writing out this list is re-energizing.


The reason re-connecting to your interests will re-energize you is because your interests will remind you that there is more to who you are than your job. Sure your job (even one that you love) is a great way for you to be actualizing your talents, gifts, and strengths in the world, but your job does not totally define you. Re-connecting with your interests and your bucket list will remind you (and re-connect you with) the multi-dimensional and creative being that you are.




Enjoy re-connecting with yourself again and exploring and doing new things that you find interesting, creative, and fun. You, the world, those closest to you, and your job (of course) will benefit greatly from the new energy you will gain and bring back to all of us!


Enjoy the rest of your week and look out for next week’s Monday Motivation post to help you get the most out of your week (and life!)


In support and admiration for all that you are, all that you give us, and all that you are capable of,




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