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In your effort to create success for yourself, you might be taking a mistaken approach to achieving the success you desire. For instance, you might be comparing yourself to others around you. Or, you might be listening to what others are telling you success looks like. Or, you might have a vision based on what you see on social media, ads, or in the movies. This approach, however, is likely steering you in the wrong direction for you achieving success for yourself.


What does it mean (to you) to be successful?


Does success mean to make a lot of money?

Does success mean to acquire academic degrees?

Is success to be defined by your accomplishments, what you own, or who your family or friends are?

Or is success defined by how you feel, who you are as a person, or the types of relationships you have created in your life?


If you truly want to be successful in your life, first define what success is for you.


Think about those things that are most important to you. Think about what matters most to you. Is it your career, your family life, or your relationships (or all of the above)? Once you are clear on what matters to you most, define for yourself (not according to others) what success would look like for you in those areas. Ask yourself questions like: How do I feel when I have achieved this success? Or, what am I doing as a successful person?


Instead of relying on how others (and the media) define success, define what success is for you. Until you do that, you will never ultimately attain the success that you desire because your definition of success is not authentic to you. Defining success for yourself, and setting your goals based on your definition of success, however, is more likely to lead you to great results.


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