How to Be More Confident & Productive in Your Job

Are you finding that you are not feeling confident in your job?

Do you find yourself questioning yourself or beating yourself up over the mistakes you are making?

Are you finding also that because of how you are feeling about yourself you are also being less productive at work…which leads back to you not feeling confident in yourself all over again?

If so, I am going to tell you what is creating this lack of confidence and productivity cycle and what you can do to break it.


The Reason You are Not Feeling Confident. What You are Doing Wrong.

It’s funny isn’t it? Here I am about to tell you the reason you are not feeling confident and pointing out that it is because you are doing something wrong. How is that supposed to help you feel better about yourself? Well, hang on and I will explain everything.

What you are doing wrong (and are now going to learn how to do right) is that you are thinking about confidence and trying to build your confidence in a mistaken way. What you are likely doing is building your self-confidence based on what you have accomplished in your life. The reason this is a mistaken way to go about building your self-confidence is that it is not sustainable. Sure, you can keep running after opportunities to accomplish, but you are likely to also have many experiences in life where you lose, get rejected or fail. This may not have anything to do with you. Failure and rejection are simply a part of life. The problem becomes when you base your sense of self on your accomplishments and translate those experiences to mean that you are good and you are worthy. That is all nice and good when you accomplish great things, but leaves your sense of self on shaky ground when you have experiences where you fail.


How to Go About Building Your Self-Confidence the Right Way

Instead of basing your self-confidence on what you do or do not accomplish, base your sense of self on your qualities, those things that make you who you are. These qualities that you have are those things that have helped you get to where you are and have helped you accomplish what you have. It is also what will help you be successful at your job. What you have accomplished or failed at are less important than what you know you can accomplish and succeed in because of who you are – your qualities. Confidence is less about what you know how to do, and more about what you believe you can do. [Read more about that here.] In order to build real and sustainable confidence, then, shift your focus from focusing on your accomplishments, to focusing on your qualities.


How Focusing on Your Qualities will Help You Be More Productive in Your Job

A few reasons you may not be being productive at work is because you are spending much of your time beating yourself up about mistakes you are making, or because you are spending way too much time comparing yourself to others. We dealt with what to do about the first reason (focusing on your mistakes) above. Focusing on your qualities will also help you stop comparing yourself to others.

Again, shift your focus away from what others are doing (or are not doing), and focus on yourself instead. Stay focused on you, on who you are and on what you are capable of doing. Staying in your business and focusing on you will help you get refocused at work. It will help you concentrate on your tasks at hand and, therefore, help you be more productive.


To Summarize…

If you want to feel more confident and be more productive at work, stop thinking about what you are or are not doing ‘right’, and stop comparing yourself to other. Instead focus on you. Get clear on and focus on your qualities, and those ingredients that you have within you that motivate and guide you in accomplishing all that you can and will accomplish.


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