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Earlier this week I attended a great talk at Nefesh B’Nefesh on ‘Digital Marketing for Your Business’ given by Shimon (Seth) Weinberg. I appreciated the way Shimon presented his information about how to best market yourself/your business online. I especially appreciated that he began his talk by telling us the importance of first discovering your brand.


Shimon stated that your brand is the intersection of who you feel you are, how you view yourself, and how other people view you. For those of you who follow my articles and my blog, you know that I am all about knowing who you are, so this definition and approach to discovering my brand really spoke to me.


I feel that these questions regarding who you feel you are, how you view yourself, and how other people view you, are great and important questions to ask ourselves in various areas and stages of our lives, and not only as it applies to building a business. You can ask yourself these questions when you are applying for jobs and as you advance in your career. These questions are also great to ask yourself if you are dating and embarking on new and more serious relationships. If you are a new parent, you can ask yourself these questions as a way to help you discover your personal ‘brand’ to parenting and clarify your unique parenting style and approach. Asking yourself these questions will help you recognize how authentic you are being (and want to be) in whatever it is that you are doing. And I believe that we are successful in all that we do when we are authentic to who we are.


Personally, although I have been successfully growing my business over the last number of years, I find that there are still times that I struggle with knowing what my ‘brand’ is. I think this is because I am so involved in and thinking about what it is that I do, and always wanting to do more and improve on what I do. It is because of this that I lose sight of the simple, still core that is my brand. Because it is hard for me to listen to myself over the ‘noise’ of what I think my brand is and what other people think my brand should be, I look forward to hiring a professional to consult with who will help me hear my own voice and help me get to the core of my brand. I am excited about this as, although I have hired other professionals to help me grow my business, I have not yet hired anyone for guidance on the marketing end. This is an exciting new avenue for me as I grow and develop my business beyond offering private coaching programs.


In the meantime, as my loyal readers, I would love to hear from you what you now understand my ‘brand’ to be.


I would also love to hear from you about how you already apply, or can apply, your ‘brand’ to everything that you do.


In support, admiration, and in appreciation,




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