Monday Motivation: Take the Time to Listen to Your Own Voice

Do you have trouble making decisions? Do you find yourself changing your mind about what you believe or about what you want to do based on someone else’s opinion? Do you often doubt yourself?


If so, there is a good indicator that you are not listening to your own voice.


What you might be doing instead is ‘listening’ to other people’s voices in your head. You might be thinking about what other people might do in your situation. You also might be asking others what they think and then take on their advice without even considering your own. If you continue to doubt yourself after ‘listening’ to everyone else, take that as a good indicator that you are skipping over yourself and not taking the time to listen to your own voice.


What is holding you back from you asking yourself what it is that you think, or what it is that you want? Are you afraid that you might not know? If so, this is yet another important reason for you to take time with yourself and listen to what it is that you think and what it is that you want. The less you do this, the more you will continue to doubt yourself and continue to have challenges making decisions.


Trust that you do know. Trust that the answers to what is best for you are inside of you. Only you can know for sure what is best for you, so it is best for you to get to know what that is. You will make the best choices for you when what you do is in line with who you are and what you value and believe.


Here are a few guiding questions you can ask yourself to help you get to know yourself and make it easier for you to listen to your own voice.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my nature?
  • What is my approach to how I live my life? (How I am with my friends, how I approach my studies, how I approach my work, how I approach my relationships.)
  • What is important to me? (What are the things that I most care about?)
  • What do I want for myself (my life, my career, my relationships)?


Asking yourself these questions will help you understand yourself better. Listen to yourself just as you would listen to your most trusted friend. Give yourself the same respect that you would give to them. You, too, have your own thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs. They are to be respected and honored just as anyone else’s opinion, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are.


Enjoy the experience of listening to and getting to know and honor…you.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny


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