He kept saying, “Whatever you think!”


I went shopping for a new cover/holder for my cell phone last week. I have an iPhone 4s (I know, it’s old, but I love it!) and not many stores carry covers for my iPhone. After searching a few stores, I found that many stores stopped carrying iPhone 4 covers and the store owners did not hesitate to tell me what an ‘old phone’ I had. Thinking positively and not giving up on hope (which is my general approach to life) I kept searching.


I finally found a store that still carried a few iPhone 4 covers. What I liked most about the store I found was that when I asked about a cover my phone, the worker in the store did not make any comments or criticism about my phone. Without any judgment he simply pointed to where I can find covers for my phone and then went to the backroom to fetch me some more covers to browse through.


As I browsed through the covers, the worker in the store who was helping me was patient. I was looking for a quality cover, not anything cheap, as I have children at home who tend to accidentally drop my phone every once in a while. I asked him about the different covers and what he thought, and all he responded was: “whatever you think.” He did share with me the different features of the covers and at the same time, did not pressure me in any specific direction. At first, I was a bit annoyed with this as I wanted him to tell me which the ‘best’ cover was. I pressed again for him to tell me, but the worker repeated again, “whatever you think.”


Him saying this statement over again (and even a third or fourth time) forced me to think for myself. It also reinforced the message for me that I know best what I want and I know what is best for my needs and for what I require. Although my shopping for a phone cover was a rather tedious, mundane experience, a deep message came out of it for me. It was like a little bird sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, reminding me to trust my own voice.


This is the same message that I repeatedly focus on here, on my blog. It is the message that I am relaying to you – listen to your own voice and trust yourself. You know what is right and good for you.


In support and admiration,




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