What Your Angry Feelings Might Be Telling You About Your Life Mission & Purpose

Do you ever get angry?

Do you ever feel frustrated or upset about something?

In my post last week I wrote about why pushing your feelings away may be keeping you stuck and what you can do instead. [You can read that post here.]

In this post I’d like to share with you how you can use your angry feelings to help you figure out what your direction and purpose is.


When my clients tell me they have no clue what their interests are or what they are passionate about, I like to ask them what they get angry about.


When you feel angry about something, that is an indicator that you are frustrated with something as you believe that whatever is happening or whatever someone else is doing is wrong. Thinking or feeling that something is wrong, or that someone is doing something wrong means that you believe there is another or better way to live or to do something.


At this point you can choose to either get caught up in your angry feelings and continue to complain and feel frustrated. Or you can explore the reason you are angry as a way of figuring out why you are angry in the first place. This exploration will lead you in a discovery of what is really important to you, because the flip-side of what makes you angry is also what you genuinely and sincerely care about.


For example, if you get angry with the way you observed your boss speaking disrespectfully to his office manager, it shows that you value everyone being spoken to respectfully.

If you get angry with other people not supporting you in the way that you would like to be supported, it shows that you value everyone being supported in the way that they require it.

If you get angry that your roommate or partner never wash the dishes, it shows that you value cleaning up after oneself, or keeping your home or space clean and tidy, in general.


Your anger gives you information about what you are passionate about.

The next time you feel angry, use it as an opportunity to help you discover what you value and care about. What you care about, and how you think things should be done better, is an indicator to you as to what values you are here to teach, give over, and be an example of in your surroundings and in our world.

Instead of keeping yourself stuck in your frustration, use your anger to help you discover what gifts, ideas, and strengths you have to share.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny


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