How to Best Deal with the Feeling of Overwhelm, from the Inside-Out

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed.


There is so much I am working on right now and the fact that Passover (and all the preparation I would like to do before the holiday arrives) is around the corner, I sometimes feel like it is all just too much and that something just has to give.


I’ve been thinking about how to make the best choices moving forward; how to come out of all of this successfully.


It then occurred to me that in order to be successful and accomplish all that I want to accomplish (and do so calmly), it would be best for me to apply my own philosophy and look inside of myself for the answers for how I am going to make this work.


I took a deep breath (many, many deep breaths, actually) and asked myself what was most important to me. I asked myself what I valued most right now. (We may value many things, but at times when we feel limited with the amount of energy or time that we have, it is incumbent upon us to bring forth what is of most value to us in that moment in time and allow for us to be guided by those values.)


When I looked within and re-aligned with what was most important to me right now, I began to feel a bit calmer. Not right away, however. At first I was still experiencing an internal struggle with what I knew I had to let go of (as a result of which values I was choosing to focus on now.) Gradually, as I began to let go, slowly, slowly I began to feel calmer, more present, and more at peace. It is in this calm and present state that I am able to accomplish what it is I am focusing on and want to accomplish.


Watch the video to hear more about an authentic-based philosophy that I use to guide me through the feeling of overwhelm and how you can apply it to help you move forward with confidence and peace whenever you, too, are feeling overwhelmed.


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