These managers did not smile at all until this happened…



The other day, I went shopping for clothes with my two daughters.


While one of my daughters was in the dressing room trying something on, the manager was standing next to me. She was very serious and looked quite exhausted.


I looked at this store manager and asked, “How is your summer going?”


Suddenly, she turned directly to me, made eye contact with me, and smiled. “It’s been really nice. Thank you,” she responded.


We continued to speak about our vacations, and it was so nice to connect on a human level.


In another store we went to, all the power had gone out a few minutes before and I saw how stressed the store manager was. I noticed that she was doing an amazing job managing her employees, and when I was checking out to pay for my items, I decided to tell this manager so.


At this, this store manager smiled too.


The lesson that was reinforced for me in these two encounters is to remember that we are all human.


When we interact with each other on a human level, we can bring out the human in one another, create connection, and bring a smile and positivity to each other’s day.


We can create what we would love to see in our work spaces, our homes, and anywhere else we are.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny


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