Are You ‘Taking’ Time for Yourself?

A friend of mine shared something so interesting with me about the concept of ‘taking time for ourselves.”

She said that she had heard a very profound thought about this from someone else that she knows…

She shared that it was interesting that we say that we ‘give time to others’, but that we ‘TAKE time for ourselves’?

Wow, this idea was so enlightening!

It occurred to me that the idea of giving brings up feelings of altruism, feeling good, feeling as if we are doing the right thing.

While the idea of taking may bring up feelings of judgement, negativity, selfishness, and the feeling that we are ‘taking-away’ from something else or from other people; that we are taking away from the things that we should  be doing instead.

What if we were to give this statement a ‘language upgrade’ and instead of saying that we are taking time for ourselves, we say that we are GIVING time to ourselves?

What feelings come up then?

How do you experience the idea of giving time to yourself?

The words we use have tremendous power.

What if we began to tell ourselves to give time to ourselves?

What if we began to tell our loved ones and friends to give time to themselves?

What impact might that have on us?

What impact might that have on our loved ones?

I’d love to hear how these words, and the idea of giving to yourself, impact you.

And if you are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving today, I wish you a wonderful day of giving  – both to yourself and to those you love.

In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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