Losing a Dear Friend

Dear friends,

Two days ago I found out the very sad news that a great childhood friend of mine  – Stephen Vella – died of cancer on Saturday, January 30th.

I am in pain.

Although we were best friends growing up and he had a tremendous impact on my life – these last few years we were not in touch very much – only through e-mail and facebook, etc.

I had no idea that the cancer he had as a child came back three years ago.  He never mentioned it.

He was always positive…and when I spoke with his sister on the day that I found out about his passing – she mentioned that he really did not think that this was the end – even after they removed one of his lungs this past summer.

I wish I could fly back for the funeral.   I wish I could speak with him, tell him how much I value what we shared – his friendship and all the wonderful fun times together.

I am the type of person who has a handful of great friends…and those friends are like family.  He was like family to me.

These past years – we just were not a part of each other’s lives however, and I, of course, wish I had been in touch more.

But we have our shared memories and those will never be erased.

Although I have been very busy with my business lately – I have taken a break in these last 48 hours.  And it’s okay.

I realize that so many times I have chosen my work over calling a good friend to reconnect…because oh man – we haven’t spoken in such a long time and it’s going to take at least two hours to reconnect…and I have to get these other  things done – I can’t spend two hours speaking to someone right now!

And I have to tell you that I now know that that is the wrong attitude.  Because reconnecting with a great friend can take 15 minutes.

I called a few friends the other day and told them that I only had 15 minutes to speak.  Their reaction:  “Great.  I will take what I can get!”

Friends – although we are probably the busiest that we have ever been in our lives, let’s make the time to connect and reconnect.  All the things that have to get done, will get done anyway.

Let’s not forget or take for granted what really matters to us in our lives.

Stephen - 1975 - 2010 - But he lives on forever in all those who had the privilege to know and love him.
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  1. Beth


    I also lost a childhood friend very suddenly recently and it was a big shock. Wishing you comfort and good memories.



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