Becoming a Master of Love, Part 1: Becoming a Great Listener

An article entitled “Masters of Love”, written by Emily Esfahani Smith, has been making the rounds these past few weeks. [You can find the original article here.]   The author of the article cites John Gottman’s research which concludes that lasting relationships comes … Continued

How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

You met a person you like and even managed to strike up a great conversation.  You ask this person to hang out sometime and they agree.  You hang out and seem to enjoy each other’s company and agree to hang … Continued

Sex Ed in Schools, or At All: What Do You Think?

I read this article in the Jerusalem Post this morning entitled:  Israeli Religious Schools Balk at Sex Education (which you can find here: and I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the topic. I, personally, am one … Continued