Feeling Stuck? Try Taking a Look at Your Situation from Another Perspective

paper towelsHere is a short personal (and a bit embarrassing) story that I took a deep message from and wanted to share with all of you.

A few weeks ago I decided to clean my windows, which I hadn’t cleaned since our very rainy season ended this winter.  (That’s not the embarrassing part.)

Everything was going well, and the world was, literally, looking brighter when I took th

e windows out and scrubbed and cleaned them squeaky clean.  All was going well, that is, until I had to put the windows back into their place on the sill.

These windows were quite heavy and I picked one up and proceeded to put it back into place.  The problem was the window would not go back into place no matter how hard I tried to push, shove, and force them back in.

It was incredibly frustrating and exhausting and I could not understand how in the world these windows would ever get back into place.  I regretted my choice in cleaning them, even though I hated seeing them dirty.

I was completely stuck.  What was I supposed to do without any windows?  I was certain that I was putting the windows back in just as I had taken them out.  But these windows were extremely stubborn and I was feeling extremely stuck.

That stuck feeling came from me thinking I had NO choice…these windows HAD to go back in.  But I had no idea how I was going to get them back in.  I felt so hopeless and discouraged.

I refused to give up and looked at the windows again very carefully.  Suddenly a new thought came to me:  Turn the windows around! (Duh.)

Sure enough – turning the windows AROUND did the trick, and the windows slid in (almost) effortlessly.

So, yes I did feel pretty silly and even took the moment to have a good laugh at myself.

In the end, however, I realized a very deep lesson in this simple and silly mistake.

In my stubbornness, I was blocked and stuck, just like that window.

It was only when I took a moment to stop, breathe  and become present with the moment that I was able to open my mind, see things from a new perspective and find a new solution to my problem.

When the mind is clear, choices become clearer to.   Turning things around and taking a look at the very same situation from a different and new perspective can help us find solutions we could not think of or see before.


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