Searching for Your Purpose? This is the Best Way to Go About it.

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What am I here to do?!


In these past few weeks I have been dedicating time each day to do or read something that gives me inspiration, food for thought, and practical tools for the things I can do to better myself, my relationships, and my business (‘myself’ being the key to me being successful in all that I just mentioned.) It is no coincidence that me doing this coincides with the upcoming Jewish New Year, as well as the new academic year – as this is usually the time of year that I think about and create my goals for the upcoming year. (As a result of this thinking, goal creating and processing, I also recently wrote an article on the best way to create the right goals for you. You can view that article by clicking here.)

In my reading and learning, I have come across a few wonderful insights; one, in particular, that I was very inspired by and am now going to share with you. 

I recently attended a class on the Biblical book of Jonah, where the lecturer was discussing what we can learn from the character Jonah, who ran away from his God given mission to save a city (and the people in it) on the verge of destruction. The lecturer pointed out that the reason for why Jonah was running away from his mission was irrelevant and that there was a more significant lesson to learn from the fact that Jonah was running away in the first place, and was ultimately unable to do so.

She (the lecturer) stated that life, and our purpose here on Earth, was not about just ‘making it’ and doing the right thing (or steering clear from doing the wrong thing.) Our purpose here on Earth, rather, is to fulfill our life’s mission. And we are responsible to figure out what that mission is.

This lesson spoke to me for obvious reasons (see my About page and you will understand why.) This, too, is what I believe. You might be thinking and wondering, ‘Okay, that’s nice. How do I go about figuring out what my life’s mission is and how to fulfill it?!’

Great question. This is what I suggest:

To figure out what your unique mission and/or purpose in life is, get to know yourself well. Explore and understand your unique gifts, talents, and strengths. Know and understand your personality, your qualities, values, beliefs and your unique approach to life. 

From this place of knowing who you are, what you value and knowing how you approach life and all that you do, think of the various ways in which you can express all that you are in this world. This expression is the way that you can fulfill your unique mission and/or purpose. This mission can be grand, or it can be the simple way you care for the environment and Earth’s creatures, or say hello to your neighbors. It is you bringing forth your true and unique self in the world. Doing this does not have to be limited to doing one or a few things. You can be fulfilling your purpose 24/7 just by being you and expressing who you are. 

I have created a simple formula to help you figure out all that I describe here above. Email me if you are interested in more information about it. You can reach me at

Enjoy the rest of your day and each and every day ahead. Wishing you and your loved ones a fantastic year full of success and fulfillment!

In support, admiration (and in awe of all that  – or rather – WHO you are),


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