Discovering My Truth

If you have been following my blog, you are well aware by now that I am a person who is consistently involved in learning more about, understanding, and appreciating who I am…and living my life based on that.


In line with this consistency, I have recently delved into learning more about the best way for me to express myself in the clothes that I wear. A friend of mine named Chana Mason, told me about a great resource to help me with this called Dressing Your Truth. Upon hearing Chana’s description about Dressing Your Truth back in July of this year, it sounded like a great new resource to help my clients learn more about themselves and who they are. I recommended this resource to one of my clients who chose to enroll in the Dressing Your Truth course. She was incredibly pleased with the results and has been glowing ever since discovering and dressing according to her unique personality and the way in which she approaches her life. My client is a more confident and happier shopper, and person. She has been glowing ever since discovering her dressing truth.


In an effort to support my client and learn about this resource that has given my client wonderful results, I purchased and read Carol Tuttle’s book, “Discover Your Type of Beauty.” Upon finishing the book I am still not 100% sure what Type of beauty I am (Carol narrows it down to four types), but what I have been discovering and experiencing is an exploration of me and who I am in a new way. It is really fun and refreshing. I am excited to discover my Type of beauty (once I decide what that is) and revamp my wardrobe and upgrade the way I express my truth in the world. Although I am currently satisfied, pleased, and happy with who I know myself to be, I am looking forward to upgrading the way I express my ‘me’ in the world and to discovering (and embracing) things about myself that I may be taking for granted.


I will update you on what I discover and what impact it is having on me and the way I live, love, and work, as soon as I know.



How about you?

What do you know about yourself and how you express yourself in how you live, love, work, and dress?

Are you currently living and expressing your truth?


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Have a wonderful weekend!


In support and admiration for you and all that you are,




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