Monday Motivation: Be Someone You and Other People Can Trust



All healthy personal and professional relationships are built on the foundation of trust between all those involved. Trusting yourself is also important, especially if you want to feel confident in yourself with regards to following through on those things you said you would.


In my research on what makes someone a trustworthy person, I came across the work of Brené Brown on the topic. Brené Brown is one of my favorite authors and professionals in the field of personal growth and relationships. Brown has done extensive research on vulnerability and its powerful impact on our success in our lives and our relationships. You can learn more about her research by watching her famous TEDx talk here.


When it comes to trust, Brown has come up with a clever formula, which she calls B.R.A.V.I.N.G. Her formular helps us to recognize what specific qualities go into making someone trustworthy. Below is how Brené Brown breaks it down.


  • Boundaries – Being clear are what you choose to keep in and what we choose to keep out, and sticking to it.
  • Reliability – Doing what you say you were going to do. Knowing what you can do and following through accordingly.
  • Accountability – Taking responsibility and ownership of your behavior in your personal and professional relationships.
  • Vault  – Similar to boundaries, this is about not sharing experiences that are not yours to share (e.g. other people’s private information, gossiping about others.)
  • Integrity – Being true to who you are (we talk a lot about this here at UnleashingU) and practicing what you yourself preach. I like to call this: walking your talk.
  • Non-Judgment – Accepting other people’s experiences and being, especially when they ask for help and support.
  • Generosity – Extending the most generous understanding to another person’s actions, words, and intentions.


Review Brown’s B.R.A.V.I.N.G. checklist above to see where you fall out on the trustworthy scale.


Are you someone that you and others can trust?


When it comes to you trusting and respecting yourself, do you:

  • Respect your own boundaries?
  • Do what you said you were going to do?
  • Take responsibility and ownership of your words and your actions?
  • Respect other people’s privacy, information, and stories?
  • Walk your own talk and practice what you yourself believe in and preach?
  • Ask for what you require?
  • Behave generously towards how you judge yourself and others?


What are you learning about yourself?

What, if anything, do you want to work on and change?


Sometimes one of the main roadblocks standing in the way of us taking the steps to move forward and accomplish our personal and professional goals and dreams, is that we do not trust ourselves. And when we do not trust ourselves, others are less likely to trust us, as well.


If you are finding that you are having trouble trusting yourself and having others trust you, the tools I teach and coach you around in the Unleashing You program will help you. Learn more about it here. Be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about it and how I can help you.


Be in touch with any other questions or comments either in the comments below or by contacting me privately Here.


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