Why I’m Afraid to Fail

Twenty years from now


I have recently been thinking about the concept of fear and wrote a motivational blog post on fear last week, which you can find here.


This week, I am still thinking about ‘fear’ and it is because I have my own bigger idea that I am (almost) ready to launch and I am feeling afraid myself.


When I asked and coached myself around what this fear is about, it suddenly became very clear to me exactly what I am afraid of.


I think my idea is a great one. I have also asked many others what they think of my idea and I have only gotten positive and enthusiastic feedback about it. What is it, then, that I am afraid of?


I am afraid that this ‘big idea’ won’t work. And if it doesn’t work then not only would I have to let go of this idea, but I would also have to let go of all the hope and excitement I am attaching to it. I Does this make sense to you?


Now the question is, even with this fear, what will I do? This is where coaching myself comes in handy. (I am sharing this in an effort to help you break through your own fears.)


  • The first thing I will do is align my perception with what is. Instead of thinking about my idea as ‘the idea to begin and end all great ideas’, I will view it for what it actually is: an idea. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • I will take action with my idea. Taking action will get me out of thinking mode, where fear about the idea loves to hang out.
  • If after taking action (and trying different ways to make this idea happen), I find that this idea is a fail, I will view it as an idea that failed, and not view myself as the failure. And then,
  • I will think of something else, the next great idea, and take action on that.


Besides for all of the above, what helps me is to think as an inventor or a scientist. Inventors and scientist are dedicated to their visions or missions. In their effort to manifest their vision or mission, they come up with and take action on many ideas, theories, and hypotheses. Many times, they fail. But this failure is not taken as a means to give up. This failure is rather taken as an opportunity to gather information on what was learned and what did or did not work and to move forward and try again with another better idea. It is the focus and determination to manifest the vision or mission that serves as the motivation to keep going. It is my mission that I want to stay focused on, as I too, move ahead and bring forth my ideas.


How about you? What will you do the next time you are afraid? Do you have a ‘big idea’ that you are afraid to launch? Are you afraid of ‘failing’ at the next big decision you are making in your life, career, or relationships? How will you deal with and break through this fear?


I would love to hear your answers. Please be in touch and send me a private email. Send your email to Jenny@unleashingu.com. I am happy to answer any of your questions around fear or anything else related to you accomplishing your goals and dreams.


In support and admiration,
~ Jenny

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