It’s Easier to Get Motivated When You Have a Clear Vision for What it is that You Want

I learned a great lesson from my ten year old daughter the other day about how to get motivated and moving.
She had been going to sleep late and, naturally, was having a difficult time getting up for school.
She did something one night that got her out of bed very quickly the next morning, and I believe what she did is a great lesson for all of us.
What my daughter did was set aside a new jacket she had just received as a gift from her grandparents, and with it picked out the exact outfit she wanted to wear to school the next day. Excited about wearing her new jacket and outfit to school motivated her to jump out of bed and get ready for her day and make it out on time to catch her morning bus.
What can we learn from my daughter?
No, in order to get motivated we all don’t have to go out now and buy a new outfit (unless, of course, that is something that will make you happy.)
I find a deeper message in all of this.
What my daughter was doing without realizing it, and what had given her the motivation to get herself up and moving in the morning, was that she had a vision of herself wearing her outfit to school. She knew what she wanted and, by setting out her clothes, she put the practical steps into place to make it happen. All of this combined got her excited and motivated to get out of bed and get moving!
What can we learn from all of this?

One of the best ways to get yourself motivated and moving is to create a vision for what it is that you want and start making a plan with practical steps to put that vision into action.

The combination of having:

  • A Vision for what you Want, and
  • A Plan with Practical steps

will infuse you with energy and inspire you to get motivated and moving.


To help get you started, do the following:

  1. Ask yourself: What is it that I want most right now? What is my strongest desire?
  2. Create a vision for what it is that you want. Make this vision as specific as you can. See it in your minds eye and feel it in your heart and even in your body. See yourself living that vision.
  3. Create a specific and practical plan to start making this vision a reality in your life.
  4. Start taking those steps.


Wishing you so much success in getting yourself motivated, moving, and achieving your dreams and goals.

In support and admiration,
~ Jenny


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