You may not even realize how powerful you are.

You may not even realize how powerful you are.


I am saying this because lately I have been talking about leadership with my network and sharing my definition of what it means to be a leader.


When I started to speak about leadership with one of my colleagues (a movement therapist) she admitted to me that at first she felt tightness in her chest. Viewing herself as an ‘introvert’ (as she described herself) she did not identify with the word ‘leader.’ Once I explained to her what I meant by what it means to be a leader, she felt more relaxed and started to view herself as a leader herself.


My definition of what it means to be a leader is guided by my belief that each and every one of us is a leader in our own way.


Whether you are in a more obvious leadership role or not, you are a leader in your own way.


You have a set of values and beliefs that guide you and you have your own qualities and nature that inform the way that you approach all that you do.
When you are in touch with these – your core values and beliefs, and your unique qualities – your two biggest gains are that you have a:

  1. Clear sense of who you are, your purpose, and your direction (and stop questioning yourself!)
  2. Recognition of your capability to create change for yourself and influence those around you.


So, if you are:

  • At a new stage in your life,
  • At a turning point where you have some major choices to make about moving forward,
  • Have just been promoted to a new position -at work or in your personal/family life – and are feeling anxious about performing well…


Know this:
The answers for what choices to make and how to be and do your best moving forward are all within you.

When you realign with who you are, what you value, and what you believe, you will have confidence, clarity, and direction. You will also recognize the power that you have to create change and that which you want to experience in your life, your career, and your relationships.




This is the process that I guide my clients in to help them gain confidence and direction, to be and perform their best in all that they do, and to make the right choices for themselves moving forward.

If you experience self-doubt and are struggling with your own self-confidence, challenged and feeling paralyzed by what choices to make about your future, or feeling anxious about a new role you have been promoted to or have taken on for yourself (such as becoming a new manager, a new business owner, a partner, or a parent) reach out, as I can be of help to you.

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In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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