Ask Jenny: “How Did You Know What You Wanted to do With Your Life?”

Dear Jenny,

“How did you know what YOU wanted  to do with your life?”

~Kayla, age 18

Dear Kayla,

That is a GREAT question; one that many young adults struggle with; ‘What am I good at?  What SHOULD I be doing with my life?  I wish someone just told me what to do!’)

Yes, wouldn’t life be so easy if God came down to each one of us and told us EXACTLY what we SHOULD be doing.  I sometimes wish that too, and when I am truly in touch with who I am, I can honestly feel HIS presence with me, knowing that I am on the path that I am supposed to be on, you know, the one that was created just for me.

So, how did I know?

Well, from a very young age, thanks to my parents, I always knew the things that I was good at.  I am not referring to all the things that I accomplished in life, but rather to my inner qualities, the ones that made me – me, no matter what I did, how many points I scored on the basketball team, or how many tests I aced.

From a very young age I KNEW that I was a kind, caring, friendly, real, and charming 🙂 person, with a good sense of humor.

As I got older and was ready to explore the world of work, I always knew that I was ‘good with people.’  So, naturally I pursued a career in the helping profession and as a young adult volunteered and interned in nursing homes, after-school programs, high schools, and homeless shelters.

I learned a lot and grew in ALL of these professions, and eventually pursued a degree and career in social work.

To tell you the truth, even as an adult in the field of social work, involved in really important work, I still did not feel like I was fulfilling my full potential.

It was not until I began my training as a coach that I was finally asked some of the most important questions I have ever had to think about and answer:

  • What are my passions?
  • What are my life goals?
  • What is my message to the world?

It was through exploring these questions, and in becoming very aware of my qualities and strengths that I took much more control of my life and began to create the path that I am currently on.

In all honesty, it was only a few years ago that I used to ask my husband questions like: “What should I be doing?  I feel like I should be doing something great, what is it?”  (And I was already doing great things – but it was still not enough, not totally ‘right.’)

Once I was asked those questions, and took the responsibility to explore them with the support of my own coach, and wonderful husband, friends, and colleagues – I have become so CLEAR, I have VISION, and I am DIRECTED.

And I HAVE NOT ASKED MY HUSBAND those same ‘what should I be doing with my life?!’ questions since.


What if ALL young people were asked those very same questions, AND were given the space to safely explore their own passions, qualities, and strengths?


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