How Do You View Yourself?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?

I just watched the Dove Real Beauty Sketches video (see below) and I have to admit that by the end of it I was tearing up.   I meet many young women (and men) who do not realize (yet) how beautiful and incredible they truly are.  And the thought of individuals not recognizing their own inner and real beauty makes me very sad.

This video illustrates how much harder we are on ourselves than the way others perceive and view us.  We are truly our own harshest critics.  And when we perceive ourselves in this negative way, we believe that is how others see us, as well.  This is true and not true, at the same time.

The reason this is true is because the way that we perceive ourselves is also the way we, generally, present ourselves to those around us.  This perception impacts the way we walk, talk, and express ourselves in the world.

The reason it is not true is because, as this video proves, we are often so much harder on ourselves than others are on us.  What we think others might be thinking is actually our own thinking that we are projecting onto others. Others, more likely than not, tend to see the good in us more easily and clearly.

The good news is our own thinking and perception of ourselves is in our control, which means we can do something about it.

While we often we look to others to reassure us and make us feel good and beautiful, the real responsibility falls on us.  Because, as I am sure you have experienced yourself, we do not fully believe all the great things others think of us until we truly believe it ourselves.

Watch the video and share your thoughts, feelings, or questions below.

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