One of The Most Important Tools for Being Successful in Life and Relationships: Lessons Learned from Starting and Running My Own Business

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As I continue to run and grow my own business there is one lesson that keeps coming up for me that is so important to apply to our lives  – having the courage to step out of our comfort zone, make mistakes, correct them, and getting up and trying again.


I admit it, I am a perfectionist.  I always want to make a good impression, make sure everything I do looks professional and presentable at all times.  I have always aimed for perfection in everything, and in all honesty, it is quite exhausting at times.


In recent years I have learned to let go and have gained more and more courage to be ‘imperfect.’  I have definitely learned that lesson through my relationships and parenting, but even more so through running and growing my own business.


Running my own business has taught me that taking the time to make things perfect all of the time, wastes time and is a good indicator that I am still insecure, unsure of, or afraid of certain things.  What I am learning is that in order to be successful in business, one has to be willing to take risks, try new things, have the courage to fall down, and then get back up again.  It is only when we do that, that we will truly be successful.


Isn’t this true in our lives and our relationships, as well?


In our relationships, one can (and should, in my opinion) come into the relationship as a ‘whole’ person who knows themselves well and is aware of what they want.  But one also has to be willing to be open to learning new things about themselves or the other person in order to have a successful relationship.  When one is not open to these things, they are more likely only in a relationship with themselves and not the other person.


In relationships, just like in business, one has to be willing to take risks and make oneself vulnerable.  After all, it is only when we allow for another person to get to know the ‘real’ us that we can build an honest relationship, grow with that person, and grow in so many ways ourselves.


We also have to be willing to try new things in order to be successful in our relationships.  We may have to learn how to communicate in a way that we never had to before.  We also have to be willing to learn how to give to another person in a way that they like to be shown love (which requires a lot of humility and understanding on our part.)  Another thing that might challenge us, is having the courage to express to another person how we, ourselves, like to be treated and what we need and require emotionally and physically.  Doing all of the above in our lives and our relationships is definitely challenging.


But, not to worry…


The good news is, we have all already learned how to do it.  When we were first learning how to walk, we started out first by rolling around a bit, then we started to crawl and explore…but it is only when we had the courage to take those first few steps, fall, and then get up and try again and again that we believed we were capable enough to also run.  And then we were not going to let anyone get in our way or stop us!


In order to be the most successful in our lives, careers and our relationships, we must be willing to let go, be imperfect, make mistakes, go out of our comfort zone, jump in and take risks.   Playing it safe, trying to stay in control all of the time, having to know everything all of the time, and/or having to be right all of the time only serves to keep us stuck and not moving forward.  Letting go of these things allows us, instead, to not only run, but fly high, succeed, and thrive.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny


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