The Most Effective Way to Finding Your Passion and Path in Life

I recently watched this video by Amy Webb on TED, and I loved it!  Amy takes a statistical, mathematical approach to dating and finding ‘the right one’, that in the end takes her on a journey of moving away from the superficial and instead getting real with herself, who she really is, and what she is really looking for in a mate, in marriage, and in life.  In the end, it is this ‘looking into herself’ that ultimately brings her success.  And this is the same ‘tool’ we use for finding our real path, passion, and purpose in life, too!

We are so used to talking about ourselves and thinking about what we want out of life and in our relationships in a very superficial way.  The way we were probably educated, and the way society functions, focuses much more on what I like to call ‘the outside’ (e.g. our degrees, professional titles, and our accomplishments and what we do) and much less so on ‘the inside’ or ‘who’ we are (i.e. our qualities, characteristics, strengths, real passions and desires.)

Amy beautifully (and scientifically) comes to the conclusion that we will be most successful in finding our ‘soul-mates’, or our passions and our path in life, when we begin with ourselves and take the time to think about who we really are, what we really want, and get clear on our own personal, unique approach to life.

She is singing my song and I love it.

Watch below. (She is real and funny. I laughed out loud at certain points!)


~ Jenny


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