Monday Motivation: Are Other People Ruining Your Mood? How to Stop that from Happening

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Others around you, even those closest to you may be angry or upset, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it change your mood.

It is hard not to let other people’s bad mood or negativity rub off on you, but it is important to remember that just as you are in control of your time [read more about that here], you are also in control of yourself. YOU get to decide how you feel and how you approach your life, your work, and your day.

Here is a tool that I love that will help you stay in control of your feelings, your behavior, and your attitude: “Your Personal Business Tool” (and no it does not have anything to do with running your own business, although you can apply this tool to that, as well.)

Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is states that there are 3 Businesses in the world: Our own business, God’s business, and Other People’s business. She says that we feel stressed when we are trying to control those things that we have no control over: God’s business and other people’s business. In order to rid ourselves of that stress, we must get out of Other people’s business and God’s business and focus only on what IS in our control: Our own business.

angry-womanNotice when you are stressed or blaming others for how you feel. Whose business are you in when you are doing that or feeling that way?





If you notice that you are in other people’s business, move on out and get back into your own business. Decide how YOU want to feel and what you want for yourself and do that. Do not let others control or ruin your mood. Take back control of your life and your mood and be the person that you want to be. It is in your control.

If you have any questions or require any support with this, please contact me Here.

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