Monday Motivation: Why Being Humble Should Be Your #1 Quality

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A fundamental quality we all require in order to build healthy, respectful and successful relationships, so that we can thrive in both our professional and personal lives is….


It is when we are humble that we are able to apply the tools and necessary skills to create healthy relationships where everyone involved can feel good, happy, and encouraged to thrive.


Humility allows us to take full responsibility for our actions.


When we are humble (i.e. are able to step outside of ourselves), we are able to give and show respect to another.

It is when we are humble that we are able to hear another person, listen from his or her point of view, and understand what their experience might be like.

It is as a result of humility that we can show support to another in the way that they require it.

It is with humility that we are able to judge another favorable; and that we are able to apologize and forgive.

The skills I highlighted here are all necessary skills that are required to create an atmosphere of security and encouragement where people feel supported and safe to connect, be honest, and grow. 


If you would like to create an environment such as this at work or in your personal life so that you (and everyone you connect with) can thrive in your life, career, and relationships, start by being humble.


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