Monday Motivation: Embrace Your Truth

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was taking some time to learn more about myself and my ‘nature’ by exploring the work of Carol Tuttle and her Dressing Your Truth program.

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I promised to send you an update about what I have been discovering and how the information has been impacting me and how I live, love, and work.


Carol breaks down the types of beauty into four different types:

The Four Types of Beauty
The Four Types of Beauty, Source:


After reading (and re-reading) Carol Tuttle’s book “Discover Your Type of Beauty” and watching Carol Tuttle’s videos, I have come to the conclusion that I am a Type 2 Beauty (a woman with a calm expressiveness about her) with a strong secondary Type 4 Beauty (a woman who is reflective, concise, and clear.)


How is this information helpful to me and how has it been impacting the way that I live, love, and work?


I have always known and considered myself to be a ‘quiet’ individual. As a child I was considered by others as “shy” because I hid under my mother’s skirts when I felt the focus of attention on me. The interesting thing is that I never considered myself shy, and at times was very much the rowdy one in my family and among my friends. Knowing this about me, I also always knew that I was never the “in your face”, loud kind of person, and I judged myself for it.


I used to think that in order for me to get my voice heard in the world, with others, and especially in the work-force, I had to be loud. I viewed people who were “louder” than me as having more potential for success because they more naturally put themselves out there. But this was never me and I always felt uncomfortable trying to be or do something that did not come naturally to me. So even if I felt strongly that in order for me to be successful, I had to be loud (and considered this to be going out of my comfort zone – which many business professionals suggest is important to do in business), I was never successful at it because this is not who I am.


Instead I embraced who I am and my unique qualities and approach to life and all that I do. I know that I am strong and confident, while not pushy. I love the way one of my colleagues once described me once: “quietly determined.”


Learning more about (and embracing) my type of beauty has reinforced for me that my strength is my quiet, determined, strong, reflective, clear, respectful self. It is when I live, love, and work from my core, my true nature, that I am most successful at expressing myself and being heard, creating and accomplishing with confidence, and building fulfilling relationships. This further confirms my belief that we create success for ourselves when we are being our natural selves; speaking, creating, and expressing ourselves in the way in line with our core nature and our authentic selves.


How about you?

What is your true nature?

What are your core qualities?

How do you express them in the way that you live, love, and work?


I would love to hear your answers. Please send them to me at or comment below.


In support and in awe of all that you are,


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