Stop Waiting to Be Rescued. Be Your Own Hero.

My boy being his own hero.


‘You need to…stop looking for heroes…Only the weak need heroes…and heroes need those around them to remain weak. You’re…not weak.’

Melanie Benjamin, The Aviator’s Wife









When I read this scene in the book the Aviator’s Wife (a book I recently read and enjoyed, besides for being frustrated with the main character of the book for the whole first half of the novel), I was pumped. I totally agreed with the mother of the main character who was telling her daughter this shortly before she (the mom) died. While I am not sure that I agree that we do not require our own ‘heroes’ or people we admire, respect, and look up to, I do very much agree that we must be our own heroes first.

In the TEDx talk I gave (which you can find here) I speak about this concept about being your own hero. I speak about the time I confronted my abuser, and how my husband (who was my fiance at the time) told me that I was his hero. I remember taking in what my husband was telling me and the only thing I can think of was that I felt like my own hero that day.

I felt powerful and invincible. I took my own life into my own hands. I took back my personal power. I stopped worrying about what other people thought of me and I stopped trying to please everyone else around me. (Isn’t it exhausting!) I finally put me, what I cared about and what most mattered to me, first.

Being my own hero was an exhilerating feeling. That experience taught me that if I could do that, I can do anything. I can create the future and life that I want for myself. And I have been doing so ever since.

I know that if I can do so, you can too.

There is nothing more special or different about me. I am just like you. A regular, simple human being doing her best to be the best that she can be.

I encourage you to stop waiting for the circumstances around you to change, or for the people in your life to change and for others to create change for you. You will only be truly happy when you are taking the reigns of your own life into your own hands. You will only truly be happy when you are creating that which you want to see, be it for your own self, your career, and your relationships.

Be your own hero.

In support, admiration and in awe of all that you are,




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