My #1, Failproof Approach for Staying Motivated

what motivates you

Now that I have more time in my day and my week, I have been dedicating a good amount of that time to growing my coaching and training business. I have been contacting organizations and companies to provide training to their leadership and staff. I have been going to networking events, and connecting and meeting with old and new colleagues. I have been creating more content and perfecting my programs and course curricula. I have been scheduling workshops, training sessions, and webinars.


While I love my work, it can feel lonely and overwhelming at times, running and continuing to build my own business. In an effort to get myself the support that I require and keep myself accountable to my professional goals, I created a support and accountability group with fellow small business owners in my community. This has helped me tremendously and has also allowed me to meet and connect with other wonderful professionals, which I love! While this support has been great, and has been keeping me accountable to my business goals, there is one thing that I do to keep me motivated throughout this journey.


What is this one thing that keeps me motivated in my work?


Anytime I experience a setback (which can happen a bunch in any particular week) I know that if I want to keep moving forward I have to get myself back on track. I cannot stay focused (read: dwell) on what does not or did not work. I must focus on getting back up again and putting one foot in front of the other. It is not easy, and sometimes it is so much harder than other times to do. But I know that it is what I must do in order to keep going, grow, and succeed.

I have found that the best motivator for me is an intrinsic one. The work that I do feels more like a mission than actual work. Therefore, to get myself motivated, I ask myself this question:


“WHY I am doing this work?”


It is a simple question that yields an answer that is so much bigger than me and my ego. The work that I do has everything to do with others and much less to do with me – I am simply the messenger. Uncovering my intrinsic-motivator inspires me. When I remind myself WHY I am doing the work that I do, I get re-energized and creative. I am able to handle the criticism and rejection. I am able to keep moving forward; to create, guide, teach, train, and give.


I do this work because I want all young professionals to be successful – joyful, fulfilled, prosperous – in life, love, and work. This is what drives me. This is the service that I am here to provide. This is WHY I do the work that I do and dedicate all the time that I do to my work.


How about you?

What keeps you motivated?

What is the WHY behind the work that you do?


Drop me a line to let me know. You can contact me at


In support and admiration for all that you are and all that you do,

~ Jenny



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