If You Want to Move Forward in the Best Way in Your Life, Career, or Relationships,You’ll Have to Let Go of This


Are you hanging out in the land of ‘blame’?


Do you find yourself thinking about what other people, mentors, teachers, neighbors, friends, or family members should be doing or should have done.


If so, I am going to guess that thinking in this way is causing you feelings of stress and frustration.


Thinking in this way may have also led you to give up on things like your personal and professional goals.


This is what happened to one of my clients who in one of our sessions described to me her disappointment in her own mentors, teachers and family members whom she felt had not done enough for her growing up.


I have heard this from other clients I have worked with as well.


Parents who were not there for them in the way that they needed their parents to be there.


Teachers who failed them.


Family member who hurt them.


These are all valid reason to feel frustrated, upset and disappointed.


Yes, our parents, teachers, family members, friends, partners should all be there for us in the way that we require them to be.


They should help us, educate us, take care of us, teach us tools we need to succeed.


But sometimes they don’t.


Sometimes these people in our lives who should have known and done better, just did not.


If this is true for you and if you are finding yourself living in this land of should have/should be doing blame, here are a few questions you might want to consider:


~ Are you happy where you are?

~ Are you living the life that you want?

~ Are you holding yourself back from reaching your full potential?


If you are not happy, not living the life that you want, and/or are holding yourself from reaching your full potential, consider this next question:


~ Are you ready to let go of blaming others?

~ Are you ready to take full responsibility for your life and create joy and fulfillment for yourself?


In order to be joyful, fulfilled and successful in your life, what is required of you is to take personal responsibility to make it happen.


Yes, it may have/should have been those important people in your life to be the ones to make life easier and better for you, but gently accept the reality that, for whatever reason, they did not.


Not to worry, though. You are perfectly capable of giving to yourself what it is that you feel you need and require. You have the ability to create the life that you want for yourself.


You don’t have to wait anymore for others to be different or to change. Doing that brings frustration because it is out of your control.


The answers and the ability to create the life that you want for yourself are all inside of you.


All you need to do is let go of that blame, and take personal responsibility to create that which you deserve.


I say this from personal experience as someone who years ago finally let go of the pain and blame and has taken personal responsibility to create the wonderful, rich, and fulfilling life and career that I have.


No more waiting, only creating.

You can do the same.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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