Monday Motivation: Ask Yourself – “What Makes Me Come Alive?”



Today, set aside some time (a good half hour will do) and ask yourself these questions:


When do I feel most alive?

What am I doing?

What about what I am doing makes me feel alive?

What does this tell me about who I am and what is meaningful to me?

How will I bring more of this ‘doing that which makes me feel alive’ into my life starting today?




Do not take for granted those things that make you feel alive. These are the things that will give you clues about how you can fulfill your purpose here on Earth. Whatever makes you feel alive is a good indicator as to what contribution you are (and can be) making to society and the world.


If you have trouble (re)connecting to what makes you come alive, think back to when you were a child. Think about the things that you enjoyed doing. Think about the times you felt alive, free, and happy.


Enjoy your exploration and reconnection with what makes you feel alive.


In support of you unleashing you, and in admiration of all that you are,





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