Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: You Do Not Have to Be Pushy to Be Successful

It took me years to learn the lesson that I do not, nor do you, have to be pushy in order to be successful.


I feel so great to be able to now share this important understanding and lesson with you. In fact, not only do you not have to be ‘pushy’ to be successful, you don’t HAVE TO actually do anything to be successful in your life, career, and relationships. You can read more about that here.


What I Used to Think About Having to Be Pushy


I used to think that I had to be pushy or aggressive (basically someone that I am not) in order to be successful in my work, as a parent, or even in some of my social circles (outside of my family and dearest friends.) When trying this other, outside-of-myself, self, it never felt right. But instead of listening to my feelings, I brushed them aside and thought – nope, I have to change myself in order to be successful like the successful people (in my mind) that I was comparing myself to. Those people were out there, loud, aggressive, ‘selly’, and superficial. I thought, ‘That must be what works, so I have got to change myself and do that.’


What I Discovered When Trying to Be ‘Pushy’ Myself


Failing numerous times at this, or doing it and feeling so gross with myself afterwards, inspired me to finally follow my own advice:

quit trying to be someone that I am not and start being authentic to who I am.

This is true even in areas that were new to me or out of my comfort zone – like running my own business or networking in new social and professional circles. I stopped what felt was a charade and embraced and applied my own philosophy. I freed myself from working so hard to be something or someone I thought I needed to be, and instead just was. I chose to be me, my authentic self, at all times, no matter what I do or who I am with. I discovered that being my authentic self, being me, in everything that I do was so much less work and makes everything I do so much more fun.


I am Lucky Because…


I know who I am. Lots of people, and you might be one of them, do not. We tend to confuse ourselves so much more than necessary. We get stuck in comparing ourselves to others, or looking to and copying those outside of ourselves in our effort to experience success for ourselves.


If It’s Not Having to Be Pushy that Will Lead You to Success in Your Life, What Work IS Required of You?


The real work is not to look outside of yourself, however. The real work is to look at and get to know yourself. You do not have to be pushy or aggressive to get far in your life (unless of course that is your nature. If so, then go for it!) All that you require to be successful in your own life, is to be you; to be who you are. Being your authentic self, and doing so with confidence; with the belief that you are enough (because you are) is all that is required of you.


Get Started On Your Unique Path to Success by Doing this:


Now go ahead and start reconnecting with (or get to know for the first time) the real you. Use your own self as your guide to living your life, being in your relationships, and to doing your work (whatever that may be.)


If you are thinking, “But wait, I don’t really like myself, so I would rather be someone else.”, that tells me that you have taken a mistaken path to how you define yourself. I can teach you how to define yourself the right way. I can also guide you in getting to know the real you. Be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more.


In support and admiration and in awe of all that you are,




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