Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: Stop Trying to be the Best or Better than. Do this Instead.

stop focusing on everyone else

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Do you find yourself competing with others around you either at work or in your own personal life?

Are you comparing yourself to your colleagues and friends and wondering what makes you better?

Are you working hard trying to be the best or better than everyone else?


If so, I would like to point out to you what is actually happening when you are trying to be the best or better than.


When you are comparing yourself to or competing with others, you are using your time and energy to get ahead and be successful in your life, career and even your relationships by responding or reacting to those around you. This is a mistaken approach to you being successful in your own life. It is also a waste of your energy, personal resources and time.

When you are focusing on what everyone else around you is doing, you are spending way too much time in everyone else’s business and very little time in your own business.

I hate to burst your bubble, but the truth is there is always going to be someone else who will be ‘the best,’ or who you will try to be better than.


What should you do instead of trying to be the best or better than?


Instead of using your time and energy looking at those around you and trying to beat them out, focus on yourself. Think about what your personal or professional goals are regardless of what anyone or everyone else around you is doing, accomplishing, or succeeding in. Think about what you want and what it is that you want to improve or accomplish for yourself – in your life, career, or relationships.


As my husband likes to say, keep your eye on the prize. Focus on what you desire, what you personally want to achieve, and how you want to improve and grow. It is not about what anyone else is doing (or not doing.) It’s about you; what you want and what you are doing. Keep your mind and your eyes focused on your goals and the process that you will take to accomplish those goals. This approach of staying in your business and putting the focus back on where it should be (on you) will bring you real success.


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