4 Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence in 2018 – From the Inside Out


2018 is right around the corner. As the new year approaches, many of us have goal setting on our minds for the coming year ahead. If you have a business or a company, you have likely already set, or are thinking about setting, your goals for the coming year. As an individual you may be thinking about or have already set personal goals for yourself, perhaps having to do with your career, your health or your relationships. (Important note: If you don’t make goals for your relationships, consider adding relationship goals to your list. We tend to take our relationships for granted. Give your relationships the same attention you would give to other areas of your life where you want to see great results.)


Whatever your goals may be for the coming year, one of the skills we all require in order to achieve our goals, is self-confidence.


Here are 4 ways for you to build (and keep building) your self confidence) this coming year.

  1. Focus on Your Qualities (instead of your accomplishments.) I know what I just wrote seems blasphemous, especially as our society and educators put so much emphasis on what we do (or don’t do.) However, building your self-confidence by way of your accomplishments leaves you on shaky ground. It begs the question – who would you be if you had not accomplished x? If the answer is nothing, then that is the proof that defining yourself by your accomplishments is the wrong way to go about building your self-confidence in a healthy and effective way. While your accomplishments do give you some information about who you are, it’s really those qualities that brought you to accomplish what you have that gives you the real picture of who you are. Your qualities are a much more accurate indicator of you and what you are capable of. As a step moving toward discovering your qualities, ask yourself: “What does the fact that I have accomplished ‘x’ say about who I am?”
[Shifting your definition of you to your qualities – and away from your accomplishments – can seem scary and foreign to you. I make it easy and doable. If you are interested in working together on this, contact me here.]


2. Change Your Thoughts about Yourself. Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who can’t, think of yourself and someone who CAN. Our experience is a reflection of what we believe. Notice what your experience is. What are you believing about what you can and cannot accomplish? When we believe that we can’t, then ‘can’t’ is the likely result. When we believe that we can, we move forward and find a way to make it happen. Starting today, and as you continue to move into 2018, start telling yourself that you can. Observe what your experience is when you shift your thinking in this way.


3. Adopt Proactive Language. If you find yourself saying the words “I’ll try” or “maybe”        often, that is an indicator that you may not believe in yourself or be aware of what you are truly capable of. Drop “I’ll try” from your vocabulary. Adopt and start saying “I will” or “I am choosing to” instead. Shifting your language to one that is more proactive will not only help you get things done and take action, it will also build your belief in yourself and help you create awareness around what you do and do not want, which is very empowering.


4. Walk with Your Shoulders High. The way we walk and sit is not only and indicator about how we feel about ourselves, the way we walk and sit has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. You can start feeling more confident in yourself by walking and sitting taller. Push your chest out and straighten your shoulders out. What happens to you? What feels different about that than slouching in your chair, or walking in the street with your shoulders and head down? Everyday practice walking in the street, and in your office or room, with your head high and shoulders out. Sit up in your chair. When you do this you are showing yourself respect and showing others that you respect yourself and expect to be treated with respect.


These are the 4 ways you can start building your self-confidence this new year from the inside-out. Which one will you start doing today?


Look out for my post next week when I will be discussing the 4 ways you can start getting directed in 2018 and the “G” word you want to be focusing on to experience great results. (Hint: It’s not ‘Goals.’)


Wishing you a great week and so much success moving forward in each and every one of your goals – both personal and professional.


~ Jenny


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  1. Jenny Sassoon

    Great Navah! Just like any habit we are aiming to change or any goal we are aiming to reach, changing your thoughts about yourself requires consistency and commitment. Let me know how it goes!

  2. Navah Mozeson

    Hmmm, change your thoughts about your self. Okay, I’ll try it.

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