Monday Motivation: How a Jar of Marbles Can Help You Let Go of Whatever is Weighing You Down

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A friend of mine shared this story with me the other day.

A professor walked into his classroom holding a jar of marbles. He placed the jar on his desk. The students in the class were certain that the professor was going to open up a philosophical discussion about whether or not they saw the jar half full or half empty. To their surprise, their professor held up the jar for all to see and asked, “How heavy is this jar?”

The students got into a debate about how heavy the actual marbles were in the jar and what the weight of the actual jar was. After a few minutes, the professor ended their debate and told them that they were all right and all wrong at the same time.

He stated that the weight of the jar depended on how long they were carrying the jar around.

If they wefile601244751104re to pick the jar up and put it down immediately after that, the jar would feel just a bit heavy. However, if they were to carry the jar around for the entire day, the jar would get heavier and heavier by the minute, and then the hour. By the end of an entire day of carrying the jar of marbles around, their hands and arms would be very sore.

This jar of marbles represents the things that we allow to weigh us down and hold us back from soaring and succeeding in our life, our careers, and our relationships. Perhaps this weight is the hurt of rejection or the emotional pain that we experienced as a child or as a teenager. This weight might be our fears, self-doubt, or our lack of belief in ourselves. It might be the constant uncertainty that we have about our future, or the guilt and stress that we are feeling to please everyone else but ourselves.

The longer we hold onto this ‘weight’ the heavier and heavier it will get and the more sore our hearts and minds will feel.

If you want to move forward with success and fulfillment, practice letting go and putting your ‘weight jar’ down.

Let go of what is not in your control, like the past or what other people think of you or want you to do. Focus on those things you are in control of and can change, like your feelings, your approach and your attitude.

You can put your weight jar down. Put your hands up, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let it all go and be free.

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