Monday Motivation: Don’t Change Yourself, BE Yourself.

I didn't change

Sometimes my clients, upon beginning our work together, fear that they might have to change the core of who they are in order to be successful and to accomplish their life, career, and relationship goals. I understand this fear and reassure my clients that although change is necessary for personal growth and development, the change that is required is more about changing their current approach to HOW they are doing things, rather than changing the core of their unique selves.

In fact, it is this core and unique self that I want my clients to reconnect with, embrace, celebrate and develop in order to be able to create the change that they want to see in their lives.

So don’t change yourself. On the contrary, get to know yourself anew. Find yourself and your unique way of doing things. Apply your unique qualities, talents, and approach to how you do all that you do. When you do this, you are more likely to be successful in all that you do.


What might you want to change?

If you want to change anything, it is the story that you might be telling yourself. This ‘story’ is one that you might be living your life by that tells you that you are not enough; that you do not deserve greatness; that you will not fulfill your potential.

It is not true. You are enough; you do deserve greatness; and you are capable of fulfilling your potential.


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Have an amazing week of reconnecting with and embracing the real you.

In support and admiration for all that you are,

~ Jenny


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