Monday Motivation: Don’t Worry About Your Competition



When I think of competition, a vision of a person in a race comes to mind. The cyclist who yearns to win must stay focused and look ahead. If s/he takes a moment to look behind, s/he will likely slow down, stumble, and might even fall. You cannot win a race like that.


You are a unique individual with your unique gifts, talents, and strengths. When you focus on you, you will succeed. When you stop to look at what everyone else is doing, you are more likely going to lose sight of you and all that you have to offer, and then not even offer it. This is as much true in life, as it is in work and in love.


In your life, if you stop to focus on your competition you will end up comparing yourself to that competition and react or respond accordingly. This reacting or responding moves your further and further away from your authentic self to the point where you might forget about or lose yourself and your own identity altogether. This reacting and responding will also detach you from your own unique creativity and all that you can be offering the world.


In work, when you compare yourself to and focus on your competition, you are more likely to attempt to copy what your competition is doing. This copying and comparing will leave you disconnected from your own creativity and your unique way of doing what you do, and your unique contribution to the work that you are doing.


In love, when you compare yourself or your relationship to others, you run the risk of pressuring your relationship and your partner to be something and someone that it and s/he is not. Relationships require presence and respect. When you are busy focusing on others and comparing yourself and your relationship to this, so-called, ‘competition’, you will have a much harder time being present with your partner, respecting them and your relationship, and creating an experience that is unique to you, your partner, and your co-created relationship.


Instead stay focused on you. Focus on developing and honing your unique gifts, talents and strengths. Get to know who you are and what you value. Get clear on your purpose and your unique message. Know what matters to you and why you want to do the things that matter to you. All of this information about you is what sets you apart from your competition. In fact, focusing on you will not only strengthen your own self-respect, it will also allow you to respect and appreciate what everyone else is doing.


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Keep in mind that if and when you are getting triggered by what your competition is doing (either in your university, at your job, or in dating) take that as a sign that you are not focusing on you and that you are not fully confident in yourself. Take this trigger as an opportunity to strengthen your own knowledge of who you are, what your strengths are, what you value, and what you want to create. When you are feeling more secure in yourself, your concerns about your competition will dwindle. You will not have time to focus on what everyone else is doing. You will be too busy creating all the amazing things you are meant to create and offer this world.


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