Monday Motivation for Young Professionals: Enough Thinking…Start Doing!

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I am an idea person. I love thinking about ideas, theories and concepts. My big challenge is putting my ideas into action.

My son has a similar challenge. He thinks a lot just like me. We understand each other. (It’s nice.) Once when my son was in the third grade having a difficult time making new friends, he wondered how his sister had such an easy time with the same thing he had so much difficulty with. “How does she do it?” he asked me. “Here’s her secret,” I responded, “she doesn’t think!” He looked at me and we both laughed. I suggested that he turn his thinking cap off in instances like these, and just jump in and go for it. (He has been making great friends ever since.)

Some might say that people like me and my son think too much, and they are probably right. In fact, my sister has told me this about me on numerous occassions. While I think (haha) that thinking is of great value, I also believe that taking action is the only way for us to actualize our desires and goals, be it in our personal lives, our career, and in our relationships.

If you, too, are finding it challenging to take action and actualize your personal, professional or relationship goals, you can do what I do: break your action steps into small bite-size pieces you know you can follow-through on. Once you have decided on the best action steps for you to take, DON’T THINK about them anymore. Just go right ahead and DO THEM.

That’s what I am doing.


Click here to read more about and gain more tools for jumping in and taking action in your life; and here to learn more about what process to take to set the right goals for yourself so that you know what action steps are the best ones for you to take.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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