We Won’t Ever Get Anywhere if We Don’t Jump In & Start Somewhere

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I (re) learned this lesson a few days ago when I launched my first Facebook Group called ‘Shine Your Light!’  I thought of the idea for the group when I was thinking about and feeling inspired by the clients I have the honor to help re-tap into their own unique voice, qualities, gifts, and strengths.  I was thinking about how awesome it would be to create a space (on Facebook for now and in real life soon) for all of us to celebrate each others talents gifts and strengths and the way we each shine our light and express our unique ‘voice’ in the world.  I was very excited about this idea and immediately ‘jumped on the gas’ and created it.  I then started to personally invite some people to the group.   Some people started to join, but no one was sharing just yet.   Although I had just created the group and I had just invited people, I started to doubt myself.  Then I received a note in my inbox from a dear friend whom I invited to the group and she questioned the need and the purpose for the group.  Now I really started to question myself.   I responded to her query and stated my reason for and belief behind the purpose of the group .  I felt confident in what I expressed, but her question definitely triggered my self-doubt.  And no one sharing in the group yet only reinforced that doubt.   But her question was a good one, so I did what I teach others and have trained myself to do:  I stopped questioning myself and instead asked myself some questions.

My friend had a good point.  What was the point of the group?  What new purpose did it serve?  I admit that when I created the group I was so excited that I had not taken the time to fully think through the answers to these important questions.  So, I started to answer those questions, which resulted in me editing the group description numerous times until I felt it accurately described the purpose of the group and gave people a reason to be there.   I felt better about it and thanked my friend for her unintentional help (she felt bad because she thought she was only being unhelpful and critical.)

What did I Learn?

If I hadn’t jumped in and started my new Facebook group, I would probably still be mulling the idea over in my head, allowing it to take up my head space and my much needed personal energy.  Jumping in and starting the group, (even if I hadn’t fully thought through all the details), got me moving and gave me even more energy.  I had enough confidence in myself to start and it was only after actually putting my idea out there that I was able to get good feedback, which gives me information on how to improve my original idea.   This is information I would never had gotten had I not put my idea out there in the first place. And people have indeed started sharing which has only energized me even more.

Making it Practical

This lesson can applied to many areas of our  lives where we are feeling stuck or unsatisfied by the direction we are going in: our studies, our careers or jobs, and our relationships.   Starting somewhere, anywhere, gives us more information about what we want or don’t want, or what is working or is not working for us.  We have to start somewhere.  And the closer that ‘somewhere’ is to what we want, value or believe, the more likely we will get closer to what is right for us.

So when it comes to your studies, your career, and your relationships, start with what you know.  When choosing what degree or career to pursue, start with what you already know about yourself, your experience, what you enjoy doing and what your interests are.  When it comes to dating and relationships, start with what you value, what you know about relationships and what kind of relationship you want to have, and what qualities you are looking for in a partner.  Start somewhere and be gentle with yourself.  You may (and probably will) make mistakes along the way.  Recognize those ‘mistakes’ as opportunities for learning and growth and be thankful for the new information you received to help you get clearer on what you want and require.   Each step you take will open new opportunities you never even new existed and could never have known about without you taking that first step.

In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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