How to Lead a Fulfilling Life as a Young Professional, Part 2 (of 3)



Last week I wrote about the first step you can take to creating and leading a fulfilling life. That step was to first get clear on what you really want and desire. You can read more about that here.

Part two to creating and leading a fulfilling life is to create a vision of what you want. Now that you have gained clarity about what you want in part one, the next step is to envision your life as you wish it to be.


At this stage you might get stuck on envisioning or thinking about what you do not want instead of what you DO want. Blaming and complaining comes easier to us, after all. It requires less action and less personal responsibility on our part. Recognize, however, that when you think in this way you are filling up your mental and physical space with those things you do not want in your life.


Release these thoughts about what you do not want from your mind and instead envision what it is that you do want. You will find that closing your eyes and envisioning your idea and what you would like to have in your life, your career, or your relationships will even bring a smile to your face and make you feel lighter. This happens because you are casting away the weight of what you hate and do not want to be happening in your life, and are instead starting to create that which you want to see happening. Your ideal of what it is that you want is likely a more lighter and more enjoyable vision than that which you wish was not happening.


I started a ritual in our home a few months ago that my family and I are enjoying very much. Each Saturday night we stand together in a circle and hold hands. We sing a song and then keep our eyes closed. I tell everyone to take a few minutes for themselves and to envision what it is that they want for themselves, the family, others, or even the entire world for the coming week. Taking this time to think about and envision what I want reconnects me to what is most important to me and clarifies for me where I want to focus my energy. It puts a smile on my face every time. I also know that the kids enjoy it as just this past Saturday night my husband and I forgot to initiate this ‘circle’ and our daughter said, “Wait! Nobody go anywhere! We have to do the circle!” And we did. It is a centering experience for us all and I am grateful.


I encourage you too to take the time to connect with what you truly want and desire and then close your eyes and envision it. This will help you understand more clearly how what you want actually looks in your life. When you can see your vision  – either for your life, in general or for your career or your relationships – more clearly, you will also have a better sense of how to create your vision.


Stay tuned for the final installment of ‘How to Lead a Fulfilling Life” next week!

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