Monday Motivation: Get Into the Driver’s Seat of the Car of Your Life

car of your life


I often ask the following question to my clients when they begin the process of embarking on the journey of becoming a change agent in their lives: Where are you sitting in the car of your life? Most often I get these answers:

  • “I’m sitting in the back seat, gazing out the window, not paying much attention to the road ahead.”
  • “I’m in the passenger’s seat, right next to the driver.”

And one time I even got this answer (which made both me and my client laugh out loud):

  • “I’m in the trunk!”


If you want to start becoming a change agent in your life, it is time for you to get into the driver’s seat of your life.


If you have ever driven a car (or ridden a horse – as one of my client’s had more experience with than driving cars) you know the difference between sitting in the back or passenger’s seat versus the driver’s seat. In the back or passenger seat you are letting someone else take charge and navigate, while you sit back and drift along on the journey of your life. In this position in (the car of) your life, you are not in control. You are allowing others, or other circumstances control you, your life, and your journey.


But your life’s journey is in your control. 


You get to decide what kind of life you want to have. You are capable of creating the life, career, and relationships that you want.   Perhaps the back or passenger seat (or the trunk!) is where you feel most comfortable. (Is it?) Perhaps you are scared to jump in and take control. Perhaps you do not know the road ahead and therefore do not feel ready to get in the front seat of the car of your life and drive towards it. Perhaps you are afraid that what you want will not come to fruition. What you may not realize, however, is that by thinking these thoughts, you are actually creating the life that you do not want!


What if instead of thinking “I am scared. I can’t!, your attitude was: “I am capable of creating the life I want to have.”?

What if instead of telling yourself “I do not know the way, that is why I am not driving my ‘car'”, you asked yourself: “What steps will I take to create the life that I want?”

What if instead of convincing yourself that what you want will not be, you told yourself: “What I want is possible.”


What then?


When you change your thoughts and your approach, you will also change your reality. Grab your keys and get going. You are capable and it is possible. I am here to support you in any way that I can. Be in touch with any questions or comments.


Have an amazing day and week!

In support and admiration,





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