You may not even realize how powerful you are.

You may not even realize how powerful you are.   I am saying this because lately I have been talking about leadership with my network and sharing my definition of what it means to be a leader.   When I … Continued

My Elevator Pitch Fail. What Went Wrong?

  Last week I was honored and delighted to speak at the AACI Jerusalem Professional Women’s Forum. I had a wonderful time meeting incredible, motivated, passionate, and inspiring women, and presenting practical tools for gaining real self-confidence, overcoming self-doubt, and … Continued

The Day I Told Myself My Ex-Boyfriend’s New Woman was Better than Me: My Journey to Attaining Real Self-Confidence

As I confidently guide my clients toward feeling confident and directed themselves, I periodically think about what builds real self-confidence.  In my research and exploration, I often look to myself and to my own experience first to find the answers … Continued

How to Find Your Way When You Feel So Overwhelmed & Have No Idea Which Direction to Go In

This is a poster I had hung up in my office when I was working as child abuse prevention specialist a number of years ago.  It was created by the Children’s Defense Fund and it always had a special impact … Continued