Monday Motivation: You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Get Started


Often we might think that in order to get started, we must be perfectly ready to go.  This attitude and approach might be the thing that is keeping you stuck or lagging behind in you reaching your goals.

Instead of thinking about readying yourself or what you are doing to perfection before launching your new project, your job interview, your new learning initiative, or your new relationship, ask yourself this:

“Am I doing the best that I can do with what I know right now?”

If the answer is yes (and only you could know that for sure) then go with it!  Once you jump in and get started, you will learn what requires tweaking and fixing, so that the next time you do the same thing, you will do it better.  Each time you do this, you will continue to get better and better, and feel more secure and confident in the process.

Success in life, our relationships, and our careers does not come about by being perfect.  Success is the result of continuous commitment, determination, and a willingness to learn and grow on our given journeys.

Please be in touch anytime with any questions you might have, or leave your comments below.

Have an amazing day and week!

In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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      1. Jenny Sassoon

        I had a lovely exchange about ‘Perfection’ with a woman who commented on my post – as it was posted on Google+. I thought you would appreciate it too.

        Lovely woman: “There is such a thing as perfection, but we need to understand that (while it may always remain beyond our reach as we are all limited by our physicality), if we strive towards it all our lives, we will at least reach our own individual level of perfection, and fulfil our own G-d-given potential.”

        Me: “Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and thoughts Chavele. It is a good discussion, isn’t it? When I wrote in my post that “There really is no such thing as perfection,” I was referring to: the ‘perfect’ partner, or the ‘perfect’ relationship, and perhaps even the ‘perfect’ job. Perfection, in that sense, is relative. The way you define perfection, I believe, like you, that there is such a thing as perfection. When I look at my children, the world around me, and when I think about how the body works, how nature works…I am in awe. It is perfect. And when I believe that everything in this moment is at it should be, I view that as perfection, as well. It is perfect as it is right now. Hmmm…You really got me thinking Chavele and I appreciate it. I will go back to my post and revise it. Do you have a suggestion for a revision for that sentence on perfection?”

        Lovely woman: “Thank you even more for all your encouragement to people – you say things with a sweetness and purity of thought which goes straight from your heart into the hearts of readers. I think that just the qualification you give in your comment would be a delightful and meaningful addition to your post – whether included in the original text or left as a comment. Keep up your good work!”

        Me: Wow! Your comments and words touch my soul. Thank you. I have revised my bit on perfection, thanks to your feedback and insight. Have an amazing rest of the day and week!

        Lovely woman: “Amen! You too!”

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