Monday Motivation: Choose the Results You Want



Early on in her coaching program with me, my client asked me if I had any tips to help her reach her long-term goals, which included incorporating lifestyle commitments that were important to her into her daily and weekly routine. She was just not able to make these lifestyle commitments stick.


This client of mine is not alone. How many times have you decided for yourself that you wanted to make a change in the way you eat, or make a commitment to do something every day that you know makes you feel good, but no matter how much you know it is good for you, you still have trouble following through?


Just as I mentioned to my client, the problem is not that you are not being sincere, nor is it indicative of your level of commitment. The problem might simply be the process you are taking to get there.


What I noticed about my client, for example, was that she sincerely wanted to incorporate these lifestyle changes into her life. The problem she was experiencing in not being able to successfully incorporate her desired lifestyle changes was due to her approach. She stated the following when describing to me what she was currently doing: “Right now it happens when it happens, but it not a steady part of my schedule and I do not know how I can add it.”


I told my client that it seemed to me that she was not taking control of her time and that she was not being super clear to herself about what she wanted. Instead, it seemed to me that she was letting things “happen when they happen” as if those things she wanted to do had control over her (instead of the other way around.)



I then offered her the following steps to take to help her:

  1. Gain Control, and
  2. Get Super Clear

so that she can successfully incorporate the lifestyle changes she desired and reach her long-term goals. These are the steps I suggest you take if you, too, are having the same problem she had.


Step 1: Describe your current reality (i.e. what is actually happening right now.)


Step 2: Describe what you want/where you want to be (e.g. I want to make time to stretch, breathe and meditate everyday – be more specific about what part of the day you want to be doing these things.)


Step 3: Once again, formally choose the result you want. (i.e. say the words “I choose to stretch, breath,mediate every_______.”


Step 4: Move forward & Take action.


Why this works:


When we are super clear about what we want, and then formally choose it, we establish a necessary structural tension to create the result we want. (The ‘tension’ – which is good tension, think rubber-band – is created because what we want is different from our reality – and so we naturally move toward that reality.) Once we clearly state what we want (our destination) and examine our current reality (location), we can then clearly map out our journey to getting there, and move toward our destination.


Doing this process of getting in control will put you back in the driver’s seat.


(The primary source for the steps I mention above comes from Robert Fritz’s book: The Path of Least Resistance.)

As always, be in touch with any questions you might have. You can comment below or reach me directly, here.


In support and admiration,

~ Jenny

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